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Outside the Box
I think outside the box and can help you promote your business whether you are on a shoestring budget or have a bank account.  You don't have to glue books and astroturf to your car, like I did.  You don't even have to wear hats to be memorable (as I have).  (People are visual, for the most part.) 

But I know how to get you a nice-looking inexpensive website, get you into trade shows and festivals on a dime, and get you in the papers and on the radio and on top in the search engines without having to pay.  It's actually pretty easy, even if you aren't outrageous like me!

You just have to be friendly, be willing to share and cooperate, be willing to put in a little time, and have your passion in tow.  If you need help with social networking and new technology, I can help with that too!
So let me help you how to get in the spotlight.  You deserve it, don't you?

Yes, you do.

Email me at or
or leave a message at 713.301.9843 or 405.368.5047
You're the best!



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